DJ Babu - Duck Season Vol.2

1. Intro
2. Raise The Bar (feat Talib Kweli)
3. Street (feat A.G.)
4. Do For Self (feat Chane Infinite of Self Scientific)
5. Offical, The (feat Jaylib)
6. Ends To Means (feat Rakka of Dilated Peoples)
7. Elevate, Build, & Create (feat Phil Da Agony)
8. Serious - The New Message (feat 1st Infantry/Prodigy)
9. Skit 1 - Live From Defcon (feat Defari/Phil Da Agony/Krondon/Planet Asia)
10. Behold My Life - Remix (feat Defari/Dilated Peoples)
11. Right Or Wrong (feat Planet Asia)
12. Time To Rep (feat Dj Babu/Medaphoar/Oh No/Wildchild)
13. Think Fast (feat Infamous Mobb)
14. Skit 2 - Big Duck Hunt, The (feat Rakaa/Evidence of Dilated Peoples)
15. Deadly Habitz (feat Gang Starr)
16. Song, The (feat Krondon)
17. I Got This (feat Defari)
18. Underground (feat Krs One)
19. Booyakah - Click Click - O.G Version (feat Sly Boogie)
20. Outro (feat Dj Rhettmatic/J Rocc/Melo-D)


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